Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Odds &Ends and Bathroom Wall Grout!!!

Yep, its a sink!

I finally got this old cabinet finished. I love it in the kitchen now that its all done!

An antique cabinet in the process of being redone.

Richard working on the grout. He started at the bottom and is working his way up.
So the pic above and the one below are simply showing the grout half finished.
I do love it and I'm very proud of it, but it did not turn out like what I was thinking it would. If you notice the bobbles that have not been grouted, you can tell the colors very well. Once they are grouted around, the light is blocked from getting in there and making the color show up. I really, really was wanting the color. We put a lot of work into placing those bobbles just so. We made sure to not clump up a bunch of same color...turns out I guess it don't matter. Kind of a bummer, but it is still beautiful and unique. I still love it!


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  1. Hi Anna! great work on the kitchen! you left a comment on my pork butchering post and i'd love to answer your questions.. but i dont wanna freak out your readers with detailed home butchery talk... if you'd like more info you can sure send me an email at ohiofarmg aT gmail or find me on facebook. :-) the short version is that it will make a lot more sense when you are in the thick of things.