Monday, April 7, 2014

Feb. 12, 2014 Winter Storm on the Homestead

We got 7 inches! 
For those that don't see that as a big deal, well we don't get that much snow here hardly ever. It was very exciting. Our power was out for a few days but we stayed warm and toasty.


 My little house covered in snow.  


And that's our snow....
Until next time...Love thy Earth and all that's in it!!

Pre Christmas Picture...Yeah, I'm so late with this!

Ok, so I should have had these pics up months ago, but life is busy....and so I fall behind. These are just a few random things that we got done that I made some pics of.....not much special. Just pics...
 Some winter sun drying all my handmade socks!!

 Our new "FREE" wood box made out of pallet wood.

 The kindling box and the table by the front door.

Dinner time!!!

 Mistletoe! Kiss, kiss!!

 Christmas lights..Santa is by the steps.

 Smells sooooo good.

My husband enjoying the beautiful day in the porch swing.
Merry Christmas! 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Tiny Update...its been waaaay too long.

These two pics were made at the beginning of June. We have a nice little garden spot going. As you can see the tool shed is almost done. Its in the dry but still needs roofing and the siding put on it.

I feel really bad that I have not blogged for so long. I'm going to try and get back on track. We still have so much to do. We still have not got the siding on our house but plan to have it on before cold weather arrives this fall. Yesterday we did start building a small chicken coop. Its made with all pallet wood. I love freebies, but its still a lot of work. I am going to make an effort to post some updated pics soon. Hang in there with me. I'll post again soon, but until then...Love thy Earth and all that's in it!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Shed and inside pics

Sorry I have not blogged in a while. Life has been busy. I know I have not posted many inside shots of the house and I know lots of you have been interested. I have a couple today, but really we have not got around to taking many inside pictures as of yet.

We have however started our tool and storage shed!


Here is how it looks right now.  Next is the plywood and tin for the roof.  I am looking forward to it being done because we still haven't gotten the siding on our house yet. We put it off to do this because we NEED somewhere for our tools and such. I guess we will side both house and shed at the same time.

This is looking from the living room back thru the dining area and into the kitchen. I truly love how my little dining and kitchen turned out. Its perfect for us!
Here is a nice indoor pic. Its obviously our Christmas tree. Our first one at the new homestead. It was a wonderful Christmas for sure!
Until next time...Love thy Earth and all that's in it!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

We've Moved In!!!!

 We've MOVED!!! Now I just have a billion boxes to deal with.

 This is not just a stack of can't even see the kitchen table, but its there. In the center of the pic you see the top of a red kerosine is sitting at the very end of our table, lol. I'm just overwhelmed. I've moved more times than the average person has ever even thought about doing, but this is definitely been the hardest one ever.
At least the kitchen is unpacked and a fresh baked cake makes it feel like home!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tidbits of stuff done!

 Countertops, sink and a faucet....YEAH!!! This is the first time in all the new houses that I have lived in over the years that I've had GRANITE countertops.... Well, you are looking at all of it...Yeppers, to the left hand side of the sink I have all of a little over a foot of granite countertop....LOL, LOL, LOL
We got the chop block moved in. That thing is a bear. It weighs over 350 lbs. but its finally there.
And....last but definitely not least...we have a bathtub faucet. Just FYI if your interested in this type of faucet, let me give you a bit of info... At plumbing and electrical houses and places like Renovators Supply this type of faucet can run $300 to $400 or even more....The one you see in the picture I bought off of Ebay for less than $100 including shipping. Its very heavy duty and no plastic parts. I love it and think its just beautiful!

For the record: I hate the changes they have made to Blogger. It took me forever to figure out how to do this post. I don't do change well, lol.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Odds &Ends and Bathroom Wall Grout!!!

Yep, its a sink!

I finally got this old cabinet finished. I love it in the kitchen now that its all done!

An antique cabinet in the process of being redone.

Richard working on the grout. He started at the bottom and is working his way up.
So the pic above and the one below are simply showing the grout half finished.
I do love it and I'm very proud of it, but it did not turn out like what I was thinking it would. If you notice the bobbles that have not been grouted, you can tell the colors very well. Once they are grouted around, the light is blocked from getting in there and making the color show up. I really, really was wanting the color. We put a lot of work into placing those bobbles just so. We made sure to not clump up a bunch of same color...turns out I guess it don't matter. Kind of a bummer, but it is still beautiful and unique. I still love it!