Wednesday, November 23, 2011

FINALLY.....we have sheetrock!!!

Sorry its been awhile since I posted...but alas, I am at it again. We are working on our sheetrock. These pics were made early in the process. These are all made upstairs. As of right now the upstairs is finished with the exception of the width of one board of sheetrock on each side of the peak of the ceiling. All walls and lower parts of the slanted ceiling are done. I love it!!!

In the pic of me I'm scoring/cutting the sheetrock to fit. The other pic is my husband Richard putting in screws. Actually it only took us a few days to do the upstairs. Looking forward to moving downstairs to work because it will be so much easier...NO CEILINGS TO DO!!! We have open beams down there so that means no over head heaving of this stuff....its heavy. I should have more to write and more pictures in the next week of the downstairs getting board put up. Till then....Love thy earth and all that's in it!!!