Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bathroom tile, dishrack, and some updates.

Aaah, I love this dish rack...I really do. I had this custom made about 16 or so years ago. It was made for our last house and I brought it with me when we moved here and now it is going in the Homestead house. The back board has been a few different colors now. It started out a dark sage green. Then it became a terracotta orange and now it is making its debut in turquoise. I am just loving the turquoise!
The beginning of the deck. Eventually this will wrap around to the back of the house and the part that you are seeing right now will have a nice little gabled roof over it and handrails. This is just a temporary start so we could use the back door.
The bathtub is in place with rough in plumbing. Now I'm working on what I want for the two walls the bathtub is against. I have seven boxes of tile stacked up and waiting to go up on them, but I've changed my mind and they are going back to Lowes. I have to decide something pretty soon. Wish me luck! The paint color you see in the pic is close...kinda...its really got more green in it. It is not just a light blue.
My bathroom tile being laid. What can I say? There it is. Just a nice 12x12 slate tile.

Just a follow-up pic of the cabinet after I repainted it to get rid of the yellow. I like it MUCH better all one color.
These 3 pics are follow-up pics of the floor upstairs. The other pics I posted of it were hard to see. I really wanted everyone to see the grain and how awesome these turned out. The bonus here is you get to see the Lovely Miss Fifi also!
Its hard for me to believe these floors were just sheets of plywood with a single smooth side. Richard did great cutting them into 4" wide strips and then glued and nailed them down. A coat of stain and 3 coats of poly later and look how beautiful. The best part....about a 1/3 or less than the cost of hardwood. That's hard to beat!!!
It looks like a old farmhouse floor to me, and that's EXACTLY what I wanted. I think they turned out just beautiful and I think its the thing so far I'm most proud of. By the way, isn't Fifi just adorable?

I hope you enjoyed the post. See ya soon.

Till next time, Love thy Earth and keep on Homesteading!!