Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tidbits of stuff done!

 Countertops, sink and a faucet....YEAH!!! This is the first time in all the new houses that I have lived in over the years that I've had GRANITE countertops.... Well, you are looking at all of it...Yeppers, to the left hand side of the sink I have all of a little over a foot of granite countertop....LOL, LOL, LOL
We got the chop block moved in. That thing is a bear. It weighs over 350 lbs. but its finally there.
And....last but definitely not least...we have a bathtub faucet. Just FYI if your interested in this type of faucet, let me give you a bit of info... At plumbing and electrical houses and places like Renovators Supply this type of faucet can run $300 to $400 or even more....The one you see in the picture I bought off of Ebay for less than $100 including shipping. Its very heavy duty and no plastic parts. I love it and think its just beautiful!

For the record: I hate the changes they have made to Blogger. It took me forever to figure out how to do this post. I don't do change well, lol.


  1. This is my first time visit to your blog. I love it! I'm sitting here saying to myself ~ OMG that's my old sink, then I see the stove - I had one just that, then I see the faucets! Thanks for the tour down memory lane:)

  2. I too am doing a kitchen a lot like yours! I have a 50's stove and the configuration is just about the same. I'm doing turquoise and red with knotty pine! Nice job and keep up the progress!