Sunday, August 5, 2012

Kitchen Beginnings!!!!

So this is the start of our kitchen. Obviously there is still a lot to do, but since I'm so excited about it I thought I might share a few pics as we go.
I am thrilled with my drawer pulls. If you can't decide which one you like when picking them motto...just get all the ones you like!!

The cabinet next to the stove is the antique one I showed you in a much earlier post. I decided to use the top half of it in my laundry room. Had I left it all together here in the kitchen, I wouldn't have had room anywhere to use my dish rack. My dish rack was a must. Its a functional piece that I love and use.
Ah, my stove. I find this vintage stove to be just lovely. Its even lovelier knowing that great deal that I got. All that was done to it was cleaning out all the cob webs and wiping it down with a wet cloth. Everything on it worked, even the original light bulbs....and all for only $60!
So, these cabinets were unfinished (raw wood) when we got them. I really wanted distressed cabinetry and now I have it. Small brag here...I done all the painting and distressing all by myself. It wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. I messed up the first time around (by my standards), so I redone them. I'm very happy now with how they turned out.
So that is the kitchen so far. Its just a good start, with a lot more work to go. I really like it so far and can't wait till it is all done. Hopefully I will be posting again real soon...until then... Love Thy Earth !!


  1. I love your stove. I had one very similar to it years ago. It is a very practical and functional Stove. I miss mine.

  2. I too have a vintage stove, that my grown sons tell me looks like a 1952 Buick!!! And weighs as much!

  3. hey you have my stove!!!! actually i have two about that size..dont you just LOVE it!??! i swear the the ovens are so dang small. its got double ovens, right? i use that biscuit oven all the time - doesnt heat up the kitchen as much as the right side. *swoooooon*