Saturday, September 3, 2011

My strange decorating!!!

So, I thought I would post pictures of some of the things we have been collecting for our little house. This is our kitchen sink. I am THRILLED with it. This was the second one we bought. First we found one in a town near us that was a bit newer. The back splash was just a few inches tall and it only had a left side drain board, but I thought it would do. THEN, Richard found this one on Craigslist out towards Nashville (all others we found like this had been far away or way to expensive for us) where he was going in just a few days to work. He called the guy and made arrangements and was able to get it while he was out there working (which means gas was on company tab and saved us money). Now your asking, so what did you do with the first one you bought? Well, we still have it and at first decided we would put it in the laundry room for washing all my wool hand washables, but changed my mind. I needed the room for something else in there. Now I know this will sound strange to many folks, but I'm seriously considering using it in the bathroom...yes, I know it has a drain board. I personally think it would be unique and interesting and that I might like it. After all, it is our home and as long as we are pleased, that is what really matters....soooo....let the strange decorating
This is our $60 stove we found on Craigslist just 50 minutes down the road from us. We love it and its just beautiful. This will be the 3rd stove like this I have had the pleasure of using. I so love these old stoves because of the extra width. I like to do canning from the garden and with a regular stove if you have two canners going at the same time its hard for them to fit on a regular size canners bumping on this stove. Plus you get the extra drawers on the side and bottom. I keep pots in the bottom and lids in the left drawer. There is an avocado green one similar to this one in the house that I am renting now. I'm so glad I found a beautiful white one for our house.

This is my $30 bathtub!!!! What a deal, eh? Yes, right now it is sitting in our carport piled full of moving boxes, but it won't be long till it will be making its way to the house. I sure dread moving is sooooooooooo HEAVY!!!!

Sunday will be a fun day. We will be working in the upstairs of our house building two walls on each side of the staircase to make two bedrooms and building the walls for closets. I'm very excited to see the stud walls for this getting done because it gives you a much better idea of how your rooms will look.
Well, that's about all I have to report to you for now.....till the next post, Love thy Earth!!!!


  1. These are so awesome. We are working on our bathroom and all the things we have bought have been used and found some great things at great prices. I think the sink would work great in the bathroom. I am so very excited for you guys!

  2. We have the double drain board sink in our kitchen as well but our connections for the faucet sit flat rather than coming out from the side.

    I love the idea of your single drainboard in the bathroom. How many times have you tried to hand wash a couple of things in the sink only to have them drip all over until you rinse them. This solves the problem!

    I think you're very smart to start reusing these older items. The new, improved items full of electronics only end up breaking.

  3. That sink and stove are both great. I think the sink in the bathroom would be great. I love reading about the progress on your new home.

  4. I just love those big old sinks. I have one in the barn and always take my big pots out there to wash them.