Tuesday, August 30, 2011



  1. Just found your blog. Read about it on Appalachia and Beyond. You sound a lot like us. We are also "empty nesters" in our forties and building a house. We live in the house unfinished.....that's been an adventure! Nice to meet you, I'll be reading. Good luck with your building.

  2. IT looks so wonderful! When do you think you will move in?

  3. I remember this phase of construction too! My wife made it clear she wasn't moving to our new home in NH until I'd finished it. Then.... we'd come up on winter weekends. We'd stay toasty in front of the wood stove and went snowshoeing as the urge struck us. Her resolve pretty much crumbled.

    Next thing you know, she retired a year early (2009)just to be here. I finished the kitchen only last week. [Several rooms still don't have finish floors and the stairs are still rough.] I'm thankful she lowered her standards!

    Good luck with your adventure!