Thursday, September 22, 2011

We have upstairs stud walls....YEAH!

This is looking toward the front of the house. I'm standing in the backside of the house bedroom looking through the bedroom doors. The front bedroom will be the grandchildrens room when they come to visit.
This is looking from the front to back across the foyer area into the back bedroom, which is mine and Richards room. If you really strain your eyes to see, there is a walk-in closet in the left front corner of the room. The door to it is on the far wall of the closet, straight across from the window.
Its getting there! I get more and more excited every time something new gets done. Next is insulation, wiring, and then plumbing.
Till I post again....Love thy Earth!!!


  1. I love it when you can document the entire building process. We did this with our house and I made a notebook with each step of the way from total woods, the clearing, excavation, etc. It's fun to look back on years later.

    One hint, if you are considering wall mounted towel racks in the bathroom, and know where they will be positioned, have him put some bracing behind it so the screws actually hit some solid wood. It will keep it from trying to pull away later.

  2. the towel rack thing covered. My husband was brought up being a home builder and that was what he did till a couple of years ago. We are starting over financially for sure, but this is about the 40th house we've built over the years. I guess I should have explained that at the beginning of my blog. This one is a lot different because we aren't building huge, fancy and expensive. We are using lots of salvaged items and seeing how cheap and green we can build it. Plus we are scaling down a lot in size. This house is literally half the size as the last house we built. Definitely having a huge yard sale to get rid of a ton of stuff. Thanks for following along and for the comments!!!!

  3. You are getting to live many folks dream - building your own house. Great pictures!