Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Yeah...I'm back with a new post already. Hope you enjoy!

This WAS a brass, its a designer chandelier. I'm loving the fire engine red. I found this in mint condition at Second Harvest Thrift store for just $9.99. I'll have around $10.00 in paint, not bad for an awesome dining room chandelier !!
This is a Tolle Chandelier from many, many decades ago. I have been looking them up on Ebay and hunting them down in antique stores. This was my one luxury item so far. My darling Richard bought me this after a few months of hearing me rave about it and watching me drool. I realize its probably not a lot of folks taste, but I find it just beautiful to stare at. I think its just the romantic and feminine touch I wanted for our master bedroom...which is where you see it hanging in the picture.
I like this close up because you can really enjoy the details of the flowers. There are all kinds of these Tolle chandeliers out there, you just have to really hunt for them. There are tons of different flowers. I'm just hooked on them. If I could have afforded it there would be an antique Tolle light in every room of my home.
This is my most recent HUGE bargain. Richard found this on Craigs list for just $40.00. Get this....the mantel was about 45 minutes away from us and when Richard called about it and told the man we'd love to have it but it would take us a few to get there. Then the guy said "if your coming from that far to get it then you can have it for $25.00." We were shocked. When we got there it was just what we wanted and was as good as it looked in the pic to us so Richard handed the guy $30.00 and told him that 25 was just to little because we liked it and it was just what we wanted. After we left there we went bumming around in several antique stores in East Ridge that we knew of and have liked in the past and guess what??? We saw a similar sized mantel but it didn't have the awesome post on each side and it was $175. I just love getting a good bargain!!!
Until I write again, keep homesteading and Love Thy Earth!!


  1. Good deal! I always look forward to the updates from ya'll.....

  2. Love the lights...and that mantel is awesome!

    Have a lovely day!