Saturday, February 25, 2012


Yes I do...I LOVE my lime green paint. The green is almost impossible to get a perfect picture of the actual color, but you should be able to get a decent idea how it looks. We painted both side walls of the dining area and ran it right on into the living area, making 3 walls of the living room also lime green. The 4th living room wall is going to be a very bright yellow and continue up the steps and into the upstairs foyer...including the ceiling. I'll get you a pic of it soon.
Wondering what the 2 doors are? Well, the left hand door opens out and inside is a coat closet (in the very back of it is the hot water heater). The right hand door that opens in with a window in it is...wait for it...THE BATHROOM!!! Yes, our bathroom door has a Fear not, we are either going to put in frosted glass (not our first choice cause we like the old wavy glass thats in there) OR it will get a very well fitted and lined curtain. No matter what we decide, one thing is absolutely for sure...we want to paint "OFFICE" on the outside of the window. After all, it is the room you do your "business" in, hehehe.
Till I post again.....PEACE OUT!!!


  1. It will be bright and happy! What a great way to start a new place!

  2. LOVE IT! It is really looking great!