Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Taping and mudding......so messy.

So, taping and mudding is not so easy. While Richard was off at work in Michigan I went and got the supplies and started to get at it. I have watched our sheetrock finishers do this a 100 times for sure. Surely I could do it too. Well, I found out that I definitely can do it, BUT it is not as easy as it looked. I got some done and when Richard got home he said I had done a very good job.....but let me tell you...IT WAS TOUGH to get it right. Richard did most of the taping from that point on and I assisted some here and there. I did a bunch in the bathroom and then went back to assisting now and then. He finally finished all the taping as of today and everything has a good coat of mud. Now for sanding, more mud, and sanding some more. Sanding will be something new for me to try. Once again, I've seen it done a lot, but this will be my first time to do it myself. Till I update you again...Love thy Earth!