Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Little More Done!!

I definitely have to get up to the ceiling and do some touching up...but hey, you get the idea!!!

It's getting there. We got the ceiling painted like I wanted...kind of white washed. I wanted the knots and grain to show through a bit. I love it. Also have the insulation in. Couldn't afford the green kind made from recycled denim like I wanted but sometimes you have to settle and make choices. Such as do I want denim insulation or do I want to finish this house enough to get to move in? I need to move so that answers that question. You can't always get what you want.... ya get what ya need. We also have the rough in wiring done and the well pump set. So next is the rough in plumbing and sheetrock after that. Stay tuned and I'll update again as soon as something new happens.
Until next time...Love thy Earth!!