Thursday, July 28, 2011

House pics

So this is looking in the house from the front left window. The forefront is the living area. Where the chair is sitting is dining area and straight back from there is the kitchen. Directly behind the steps is the bathroom and in the very back left corner is a wash and mud room off of the kitchen. Its also holds a pantry and a extra closet that will probably be for linens.
This one is made from out on the road in front of our place. As you can see we only have maybe a half acre out of 5 acres that is cleared so far. Lots more clearing to do. Slow but sure.
Just a shot from the right side of house!
Till the next post.....Love thy Earth!


  1. I well know the saying "It'll be nice when it's done". We're on year 10 of our 5 year plan and I have a feeling the house will be finished by the next owners in the way distant future. But it's home and we love it. You will too.

  2. Awesome! I can tell it's going to be lovely!